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Guangzhou blue birds fine art hotel is located in panyu core business circle of light road and south road junction, in woori creative industry park, beautiful campus environment, trees, flowers, flourishing with static.And bustling road, north road shopping street, prone to commercial pedestrian street, city of metro line no. 3 bridge station neighbours, whether shopping, travel, food and beverage, traffic is very convenient. ---[View Detail]

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  • rortymoon
    Friend OK, friend happy
  • coldmouse
    Very petty, quiet, clean, but sound is not particularly good, WiFi is too slow, others are good
  • e00884720
    This travel set has 6 between room, each a a partners are super praise, Hall landing of bookcase was not know is sold also is rent, a asked is free see of provoked all child cheered, Hall also has free coffee, if has time really wants to quietly of sat in sofa Shang see with book enjoy this full housing of scholarly, corridor and room decoration Super has literary fan, most surprised of is room actually has 50 inch of TV, let I carefree dripping see has field Premier, noise good distribution has CK shampoo, bathing dew, if laneNational interlock I light your home
  • supbins
    Poor hotel, small room
  • ellene_mo
    The overall environment of the hotel are unique, children don't like hotel services, soaking in the bath had a good time. the surrounding environment is also very convenient to eat, restaurant on the first floor of the beer isn't bad!
  • Gyoen simplesmile
    Good good good good good good good good good good good
  • e00019085
    Stayed at this hotel several times, very good hotel, very clean, service, health, the environment, traffic is very good ... highly recommended!
  • rui5730
    Sanitation, cost-effective, artistically well
  • e03440736
    A bit noisy at night, others okay. overall good.
  • gloria8524
    Hotel a strong sense of art, room clean and comfortable. changlong is a station on the subway, which is very convenient, it is recommended to live long friends
  • jefftj
    Affordable, elegant environment, service was good, very satisfied, great. metro station away from long, very convenient.
  • candy011412
    Nice hotel
  • bowie2698
  • jxypy
    Have more characteristics of the hotel is very clean
  • liuly
    Strongbow, high cost of hotels, parking is very convenient. entered the two rows of shelves to feel very good. room fine, compact. TV-on-demand program, very happy. eating in the neighborhood are easy
  • wangjuanry
    Warm, room facilities, the layout of a warm except when the smell of smoke is too big
  • Cindy820
    Hotel can said completely beyond expected of good, decoration and pictures as beautiful full design sense. a door bed Shang put have cartoon small horse let son down, TV is big, also distribution has one computer, wash supplies also is Shang grade, on hardware for, completely not lost five-star hotel, stores everywhere heart of design let we live of is pleasant. ointment also has, hotel location General, away from Metro about a km, near is has a mall, door has convenience shop, General needsOr can meet, if you want to go to the city centre is very inconvenience. because is to take the baby to play, call the front desk when a baby pillow, says will come at the front desk, but 3 days for me, and I hope this can improve.
  • ayre1102
    Renovated, high cost performance. favorite is lobby coffee, good comfort of toiletries. water consumption is very reasonable, nice one. is the corner health is dirty, hardware as well, a pity. room things a bit more, recommended bathroom hanging clothes shelves and baskets of dirty towels.
  • o0lynn0o
    From the outside looks very old, had intended to go on directly for a hotel, but decided to take a look at the room, later decided to leave! ' environment feels very warm, staff attitude was very good, room was very clean, bathroom with shower designed for VVV, very close ...
  • AndyJ
    Staying for the third time, feeling as good, bathroom design changes, not as an open and transparent ... Check out time is 14 points the next day, more user-friendly hardware and software ~ room, praise
  • jievip
    Design is quite interesting, but upon arrival, the bed was really nimachao! on a pillow, sleep I sad! ask the waiter to send something, went upstairs and took 20 minutes
  • letitbesun
    Panyu area the best choice, distance from Metro station, three bus stands for self drive, third floor hallway was artistic, and breakfast was OK.
  • bjyeti
    Worth staying at!
  • ludasy
    Several times, the environment is very good
  • xu_nemo
    Small rooms, decoration is characteristic, moderately priced, breakfast was OK
  • pengliyun
    First of all I want to say is this hotel price really high. Design is warm and chic, service also good-will choose this hotel next time-
  • Nabis
    Located in the city center, go a long long last night, absolute bargain, if you are driving, it is strongly recommended
  • liudd5566
    Love, comfort!
  • cwrest
    Very special hotel, cost-effective ... recommended!
  • fangcuo
    Good sanitation and service might be able to better
  • rujianice
    Very good hotel, clean, warm, not far from the chimelong Safari Park ride. next to the hotel in the downtown area, eat around a lot, there are nice cafes
  • sum1977
    Enter the lobby feels very good, very artistic will to stay
  • gouniverse
    1, although is parent-child room, but toilet foreign of door full transparent glass didn't bath curtain block, last toilet also no privacy, even is couples feel also is embarrassing down ( _ ) 2, air conditioning noise sound Super loud, minimum a document wind speed bang sound also ring has whole late, completely is master machine, indoor decoration better also wasted (_) except above two points, other OK, decoration good, distribution big LCD TV, distribution computer, has WiFi has refrigerator.
  • daisycdyy
    Can have the opportunity to choose again
  • sunlb
    As well, and eat around is also easy, and free parking.
  • e03247287
    Room is small than live before, overall still good. is the toilet tastes somewhat less large and soundproofed, but would choose.
  • joannie6206
    Traffic is convenient Subway Line 3, station b line exit straight ahead from 15 minutes. where to find. in Woori creative garden, quiet, not many people in and out. the layout of the hotel is very special, elegant environment. clean the room next time again, is recommended.
  • Bob Wang
    Hotel design style, and good service attitude! far from subway station.
  • danmeiying
    This hotel is really good, environment equipment worth living, hotel smell very scholarly, speeds so fast, out in-house all the details were very considerate, our family of four Super satisfied with service bar da, blue tits next time. and breakfast was OK.
  • fdsaf
    So good!
  • E02736098
    Hotels in addition to the other far from the subway exit a little accident was great, one of the most comfortable for two nights to live next to it should go live
  • emma168
    A very special hotel, location was very good. Just 2 points is not too convenient, breakfast time was a little short, then there is no table in the room. Hope that the situation can be improved.
  • panjx
    Apart from slightly far from the subway station, and other little shortcomings, women at the front desk is very patient, abnormal comfortable bed, very good
  • atenn
    Yes, little expensive in price
  • e02275742
    Very special, very feeling hotel. Although location, but there are 3 bus at the door back and forth, bridge, subway station. taking a taxi to the subway station, the start price
  • ia186
    Which is very nice
  • lillian911
    Very good very much. Guangzhou almost every time you come here this time as well.
  • icecreal
    Friends 11-member family! nice! pay attention to hygiene, towels not white, a bit old
  • eric543211
    It's not bad